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     ด่วนมีจำนวนจำกัด Cisco C881 - K9   ราคา 9,500  บาท 


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Media Convertor  10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-LX Single mode 10Km SC

1,868.00 ฿
1,868.00 ฿
ไม่รวม Vat 7%

Media Converter 10/100/1000M, SM, WDM, TX1310/RX1550nm, 10KM, LC connector, external 220V AC power adapter.

The OPT-2200 media converter is specifically designed to offer fiber advantages for mission-critical networks like Telco/
ISP backbones, cable operators, banking and enterprise networks. The OPT-2200 can reduce network downtime and
increase Quality of Service levels. The converters are completely transparent when installed, so the network performs exactly
the way it would do normally – only now, it can incorporate both copper and fiber mediums. This flexibility in cabling allows
network managers to put fiber cables anywhere within a network without changing the arrangement of the
copper-based Gigabit segments. Their compact size allows the converters to be wall-mounted to save space. Several
converters can be simultaneously installed by using the OPT-R16-02 16-slot 19" rack-mountable chasses.
The OPT-2200 takes advantage of intelligent connection technology to support Auto-negotiation, thereby eliminating the
hassle of manually configuring or monitoring settings. This ensures plug-n-play operability.


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